Bruins Kick Red Wings’ Asses in Game 3

At 5 on 5 close, the Bruins had 64% of the corsi events in the game, and that’s just where this recap starts.  They outshot the Red Wings 34-23 in all, killed every penalty, and Tuukka Rask proved once again that he’s the best in a 3-0 win.

The only guy who had a corsi below 50% and also lower than his Offensive zone start percentage was Johnny Boychuk, and it’s not like Boychuk played badly.  Boston also killed every penalty, and went 1/3 on the power play to now improve to 3/8.

The Bruins also showed that what Mike Milbury said at the first intermission, after one of the best periods I’ve seen from the Bruins this year, was true.  He explained why the idea that some people have that the Bruins will beat Detroit’s speed with its physical play are forgetting that the Bruins also have a lot of skill, and they’ll win with both.  Tonight, that was true.  In fact, it was the best possible example of what he was saying.

Tuukka and the Bruins were in the zone from the start.  Look him, he’s not even budging.  Pretty representative of the rest of the night.


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