Celtics Closer to 3rd Worst in the League than We Realize

With 5 games left in the season, your Boston Celtics are 2 games behind the Lakers for 6th worst in the league.  They’re a game back of Utah for 5th worst, so let’s root for them to somehow beat either Dallas, Portland, or Denver.  They then finish up with the Lakers (the good news is that at least 1 of those teams has to win) and the Timberwolves, who could easily lose the last game to the Jazz.

While people like me have been so focused on the Celtics losing just enough to retain the 4th worst spot in the league, what we haven’t realized is that the Magic are coming dangerously close to stealing that spot from the C’s and putting Boston in the 3rd worst spot.  The Magic are 3-7 in their last 10, which is basically 1996 Chicago Bulls-esque for an NBA team tanking in 2014.  They’re now 22-55, while the Celtics are 23-54.

Here’s a slight issue: The Celtics play the Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Philly, and Washington, who will likely have its playoff seeding determined by that time.  Atlanta and Charlotte should be playing for better playoff spots, so the C’s should be able to lose to them.  Cleveland… I honestly think this one is a toss up.  Cleveland has finally given up on their ridiculous hope from last summer to make the playoffs, and there are enough issues in their locker room that they might not show up for that game.

Then there’s the 76ers, who could easily lose just by being the 76ers.  They’re locked into the 2nd worst record, but, again, they’re the 76ers.  And then the C’s play the Wizards, who, like I said, might not care about the game.

The even worse news it that the Magic play Brooklyn, Washington, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Indiana.  They will likely lose all 5, unless the Nets fall asleep like they’ve done multiple times this season or the Pacers don’t care about the last game.

So the C’s are probably just trying to hold on for the 4th worst record, and they might move up to the fifth worst.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

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