Red Wings Win A Blessing in Disguise

This is not revisionist history, and I was rooting hard for the Bruins tonight.  But, after tonight, I think it’s pretty clear that Detroit is the worst possible matchup for the Bruins out of them, the Capitals, Maple Leafs, and the Blue Jackets.

After the Wings earned 2 points tonight, they are now in 7th place with 86 points and 6 games left.  The Jackets have 83 and 7, the Leafs have 82 and 5, and the Capitals have 81 and 6.  I’m rooting for the Capitals to get the 8th seed, because I think that the B’s would smoke them in no more than 5 games.  But the Wings are the worst team to draw, and then probably the Jackets and then the Leafs.

After a game like this, it seems more and more likely that the Red Wings will draw the Penguins after getting the 7th seed.  They still have 2 games against the Sabres, and some of the contenders that they have to face likely won’t sport a full team.

All in all, this game means that the Bruins will likely have an easier first round playoff matchup.  It sucks that it hurts their Presidents Trophy chances, which you should care about just a little bit, but the playoff matchups are more important.

Also, Tuukka is usually gonna be better than 17 for 20, Iginla will be back after missing the game with a probably minor injury, and the refs screwed the Bruins out of a goal.  Also, they outshot the Red Wings 35-20.  I’m not that worried.

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