Angels Lock Up Mike Trout — Smart Call

So it’s a little hard for many to realize that paying a guy an average of over $24 million a year is smart, but it is.  Anyone who thinks that the Angles made a mistake simply isn’t following the market for Major League Baseball players in this day and age.

The MLB’s projected revenue this year is $9 billion, and they recently signed two huge TV deals.  The Dodgers are now worth $2 billion, according to Forbes, making the purchase that the new owners made under 2 years ago of $2.15 billion look completely reasonable.

If Brian McCann just signed a deal that will pay him $17 million per year, which is in the ballpark of what LeBron James makes, then that should be all the proof anyone needs that $24 million for the best player in baseball not even in his prime is totally reasonable.

In fact, Trout probably cut himself off of a lot of money by doing this.  It’s absolutely necessary to note that this deal doesn’t kick in until 2015, which means that it doesn’t cut off his final year of team controlled salary, which is 2014.  That one year is a huge difference with this deal, because Trout will only earn about a million bucks this year, and the Angels are therefore getting a huge bargain.  The deal cuts out 3 of his free agency years, and that’s a big difference between cutting out 2 or 3 years of his free agency.  If the contract had started this year, Trout would gain a ton of money in the first year, and then only lose money based on what he could’ve had for 2 years instead of 3 after his initial 6 seasons in the bigs.

I can’t blame Trout for taking the deal for 2 reasons.  First, I can’t blame anybody for doing what they want with their own profession and money.  Second, a career can end any second for an athlete with an injury, so it’s hard to turn down a guaranteed $144.5 million when it’s put in front of you.  That being said, the Angels got a great deal here.  Impossible to deny that.

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