Patriots Bring Back Wilfork, Everyone is Crying for Joy

Vince Wilfork and the Patriots have finally come to an agreement that will end the tough discussions that the two teams had.  Wilfork had a cap hit of $11.6 million but he was only guaranteed $3 million, and 11.6 was just too high for a 32-year-old coming off an achilles tear who weighs over 300 pounds.

Let’s say that the move clears up $4.5 million in cap space, which is a fair estimate.  Add that to the $4.0 million in space that the Pats had according to the NFLPA and good NFL capoligists, and we have about $8.5 million for more defensive line, linebacker, tight end, and possibly safety depth.  I hope they sign Ryan Wendell, who is a free agent right now, but they might have to go another route.  The Pats can probably fill most of these spots in the draft, but there could still be another signing or two.

Since we’re assuming that the Pats saved about $4.5 million and we know that cutting Vince would have meant $8.6 million, that means that Bill Belichick felt that resigning Wilfork was worth about $4.1 million in cap space to the team.  I think every single one of us agrees with that.

Looks like the Pats have struck again in the offseason of Belichick, and it’s further proof that anyone who doubts him a lot is simply wrong.

Glad to have Vince back.

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