Screw That Game

The B’s lost 2-1 in a shootout against the Habs… as if you were unaware.

They outshot the Frenchies 29-22 and Douglas freakin Murray played a big role for Montreal tonight.  Peter Budaj is an ok goalie against everyone but the Bruins, but he somehow goes HAM when playing the black and gold.  The Bruins owned the physical aspect of this very chippy game, meaning that they missed a great opportunity to win a really memorable game.  That would’ve been number 13, just 4 off the record, going against Chicago Thursday night.

Fuck. That sucked.  At least we’re rooting for the almost automatic number 1 seed in the East at this point.  But it’s too bad that the final score didn’t also look like this.


UPDATE: I didn’t realize until a few hours after this post went up that the Bruins outshot the Habs at a ridiculous clip of 20-5.  I think it’s important to note what that says about the Bruins and this game overall: They’re definitely better than the Canadiens, and last night proved it at even strength, but the B’s can shoot themselves in the foot when they let special teams mean too much against a team like Montreal.

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