Red Sox Give Ortiz Deserved Extension

Yesterday, the Sox signed Big Papi to a $16 million extension in 2015.  There’s a vesting option, probably for plate appearances, in 2016 and a club option in 2017.  I love this for both sides.  It’s safe to assume that Ortiz loves playing here, and retiring in Boston at this point is best for his legacy and how he’ll be remembered, assuming he cares about that stuff a little.  (Remember, it’s not out of the question that he’ll make the Hall of Fame, and then that would all but guarantee him getting his number retired here.)  Papi knows that this one last year at a high price is a good call for him, because locking up $16 million when you’ll be 39 is pretty damn hard to pass up.  And I’m sure that the vesting option and club option are at a comfortable price.

And the Red Sox get a well above average hitter for $16 million, which is not that much given that 1 WAR is now worth about $6 million and that Ortiz is expected to get above 3.  It’s somewhat risky that they’re giving it to a 39 year old a year in advance, but they also essentially control Ortiz’s rights until he retires.

Nobody will bad on either side, and nobody should.  We get this guy back:

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