Jets Cut Sanchez- Too Bad

Too bad these times are over:

I’m gonna miss laughing at Mark Sanchez, and this is gonna make it harder to play the Jets-Patriots drinking game where you take a shot for each Jets turnover.

On another note, the Jets signed Michael Vick.  Vick will now probably compete with Geno Smith for the starting job.  Remember the last time that Rex Ryan had to handle a quarterback controversy… Sanchez-Tebow?  That ended well.

I don’t see this ending well. NFL players around the league seem to love Mike Vick, and, because he’ll be healthy, he’ll probably outperform Smith in training camp.  That means that there could be locker room tension if Smith still gets the starting job.  Actually, there will be locker room tension anyway, because it’s the New York Jets.

Unless there’s a clear cut #1 QB and the other guy is extremely mature, I don’t see how this helps the Jets.  I guess we’ll get to keep laughing at their pathetic franchise even without Sanchez.

Still, I’m gonna miss Mark Sanchez.

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