Nine in a Row, NBD

So I’m starting to feel better and better about this post. The Bruins are the cream of the crop in the East, and everyone seems to be realizing it now.  Jeremy Roenick referred to the Bruins as a “machine” in the post game highlights, and it’s pretty cool to hear that.  All 4 lines are clicking, as there’s none of them are being the weak link that we might have feared.  Chara is being Chara, and the rest of the defense is holding up, minus Matt Bartkowski, who has really struggled of late.  It might be time to sit him for a game or 2, but I still really hope that he gets the nod over both Miller and McQuaid come playoff time.

Maybe most importantly, Tuukka Rask has been an absolute beast.  He’s the world’s best goalie, with both the best SV% and Even Strength SV%.  He tore it up in the Olympics except for the Austria game, which we can look past because of his performances thereafter.  Sure, people can say that Lundqvist, Quick, Price, or maybe Bishop are slightly better.  They may even have valid arguments.  But in the end, they’re wrong.

Maybe this is the time to point out that Peter Chiarelli traded Hannu Toivenen for Carl Soderberg and Andrew Raycroft for Tuukka Rask.  Pretty sure that no team should ever again acquire a veteran goalie from Peter Chiarelli.  Just though I’d mention that.

Later today, hopefully Boychuk and Tuukka both sit against the Devils.  Hopefully Bartkowski bounces back, and hopefully the forwards stay on the pace that they’ve been on.  But we really hope that the Bruins get a double digit win streak, which would be awesome.

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