Celtics Almost Win and Give Us Heart Attacks

At least we know that Brad Stevens is the right coach for the Celtics.

The Celtics play hard for Stevens, and that’s more than you can say for most teams who are in the league’s basement in the past few years.  So, Celtics fans are in a weird situation.  We’re rooting for a team that is too good to tank, but it’s far better for them to tank than win.  To put it simply, it sucks to root for the Dallas Mavericks when the Celtics are playing them.

We got lucky, though, because the Celtics lost another close one.  They came back from multiple 10 point deficits to make a game of it, and Avery Bradley cut it to 1 point when he stole the ball from Monta Ellis and got a layup with 21 seconds left.  Luckily, Ellis hit 2 free throws and Bayless couldn’t get a score on the other end, and the Celtics lost.

The scheduling gods didn’t do the Celtics any favors in the coming weeks, and I don’t just mean in terms of who they’re playing.  I’m talking where.  The C’s just had 2 games on the road, and now are home, away, home, away, home, away, away, home, away, away, home, away, away, home to end the season.  They’re not exactly gonna get in a groove, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see Rondo or someone like that sit out a short road trip.

Basically, everything is looking good for the Celtics from a tanking standpoint except for their stubbornness to still play hard every night.  Hopefully the next 7 opponents are good enough to overcome that, but at least we know that there’s better times ahead in the next few years.

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