Thanks, Anthony Davis!

If any Celtics fans see Anthony Davis on St. Paddy’s day, they need to buy him at least a Guinness, an Irish car bomb, and a shot of Jameson. (Yes, there was repetition there, but whatever.)  The Celtics had a 7 point lead at the half Sunday night against the Pelicans, and New Orleans closed that gap in the 3rd Q.  The teams played evenly in the 4th, and then the Celtics lost whatever the opposite of a heartbreaker is in overtime by a single point.  Wonderful.

Anthony Davis’ 40 points and 21 (!) rebounds overcame Jeff Green, aka Boston’s anti-tanker, scoring 39.  Rondo had 14 assists, and Kris Humphries had 12.  All of that was exactly the kind of effort that the Celtics did not need at all, not when they should want a better draft pick.  That’s why Anthony Davis is a boss.

The C’s are now tied for 4th worst, but they only half a game (and 0 in the win column, which is more important since these teams lose more than they win) behind the Lakers, and just 1 game behind the Kings.  They’re tied with the Jazz.  The Celtics have a much better point differential than the Jazz or the Lakers, but they’re well far back of the not-as-bad-as-people-think Kings.  I expect the Kings to finish ahead of the C’s in the standings, but I’m really worried about the Lakers and Jazz.

That’s why the next 8 games for the Celtics huge.  They’re exactly what tanking supporters like me wanted, as the Green play Dallas, Miami, Brooklyn, Toronto, Toronto, Chicago, Chicago, and Washington.  That’s 8 teams who are in the top 7 of their conference.  Unfortunately, the last 7 games involve 2 against Philly and 1 against Detroit and Atlanta each, but hopefully Brad Stevens will have accepted the tanking idea by Game 76.  It’s so much better that these next 8 come before the last 7, because this hopefully-at-best 2-6 stretch should be enough to really push the C’s into tanking mode.

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