Celtics Lose an Important One

For about the past 8 games, the Celtics have played relatively well.  Sure, they lost to Carmelo and the Knicks by a lot, but they also lost to the Pacers by just 5.  Sure, they’ve lost their past 3, but tonight they only lost to the Suns, a playoff team in the mighty Western Conference, by 8, and they played the Pacers close again a few nights ago.  They’re playing like a bad team that’s better than the other bad teams, which is not what we need right now.  They need to tank!

As I’ve said before and will continue to believe, there’s no reason to be in NBA purgatory.  The 10th seed in the East means nothing, and the NBA incentivizes teams to tank.  They’re in a 3-way tie for 4th worst in the league, and they’re just 1.5 back from the 7th worst team.  A top 4 shot with the ping pong balls would be huge, and that’s why losing tonight was big.

After playing the Pelicans Sunday night, who might want to start tanking heavily because of the need to delay sending their pick to Philly (it’s top 5 protected), the C’s embark on a streak of DAL, MIA, BKN, TOR, TOR, CHI, CHI, and WAS.  That’s ripe for some more losses.  I fully expect them to lose at least 6 of those 8, which would be huge for their tanking chances.

Too bad Gerald Wallace is out for the rest of the season.  He’s a great guy to throw out there when you’re trying to tank.

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