Bruins Show Why They’re Elite vs. The Coyotes

Last night, the Bruins won a boring game.  Tuukka Rask played his 2nd game in 2 nights, which I wasn’t pumped at all about.  He’s started 49 games, putting him on pace for just 61, but I don’t think it’s a smart move to give him any back to backs in March when the Bruins have approximately 87 games in 31 days.  But, he proved why he’s the best in the league, only giving up a goal on a ridiculously good tip-in and making 2 incredible saves that would’ve easily swing the game (that doesn’t  even include his breakaway save on Shane Doan).

The B’s came out roaring in the 1st period, pushing the Coyotes back every chance they got.  They ended the period 2-0… and then the game sucked.  The 2nd period was a terrible period of hockey, with 5 (!) combined shots.  In the 3rd, the Phoenix outshot Boston 12-5, and that’s when Tuukka shined.

But I’m not at all worried about the 2nd and 3rd periods.  Remember, the B’s had just come off a huge in in Montreal the night before, and arrived in Boston in the early morning before the game with Phoenix.  They showed what they can do in the 1st, and then their legs, or lack thereof, caught up to them in the final 2 periods.  It happens.  Tuukka showed that he’s the best, and the PK unit stopped all 5 opportunities for the Coyotes’ PP, which was the 3rd best in the league coming into last night.

So that’s why I’m not worried — because the Bruins showed what they can do, and their reason for not being 100% last night was legitimate.  It really was tired legs, in my opinion, as it should come as no surprise that Dougie Hamilton seemed to have the biggest spring in his step, and he was the one guy in the lineup who didn’t play the night before.  Not a coincidence.

The B’s are an elite team, and, for some outside evidence, I urge you to look at this picture on MC79hockey’s Twitter page. This should tell you 3 things: 1) Jaromir Jagr is still awesome.  2) Kyle Turris is better than advertised.  3) The Bruins are deep af, and they have one of the best combinations up front, as well.  Whether or not Krejci (the top guy for the Bruins in ES ice time) and his linemates are on the ice, the B’s are the best team in the east in GF%.  By a lot.


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