Bruins Destroy Habs in 2nd and 3rd Periods

You know how the Bruins have had 1st periods this season and last when you think “Thank God for Tuukka”?  Yeah, tonight was one of those.  They absolutely sucked the first period, getting outshot 14-6 (and it felt worse than that), and Tuukka was the reason they were still in the game.

And then the second period happened, at which time tonight became one of the best in Boston sports history — or maybe just a few months, because that’s how good our teams are.  We heard about the Revis signing (new post on that coming in a few minutes), but that was only after the Bruins had already opened up a 2 goal lead on a lucky goal by Soderberg and a brilliant passing combo from Marchand and Bergy that led to a Bergy goal.  The Bruins had shown up, and everyone in the Bell Centre realized it.

Nobody on the Bruins really played that bad after the 1st… except Kevan Miller.  He wasn’t terribly, but he definitely showed that he should be the 7th defenseman at best.  Problem is that he dropped the gloves with Brandon Prust and actually won the fight, so that’s gonna by some more ice time, in all likelihood.  Smart move by Miller, bad move for Bruins fans.  Get Dougie in the lineup.

The 2nd and 3rd lines showed off great corsis tonight (yes, I just made the word “corsi” plural), and the 1st line looked pretty good from the overall eye test, although Lucic’s goal at the end of the 2nd was a gift from the Habs’ backup goalie.  Five Hole City.  Chara was Chara, and Meszaros looked good in the Habs zone, but not as much in his own.  I’d take Hamilton with Chara in the playoffs any day, that is if Claude doesn’t wanna make the shutdown pair of Chara-Boychuk.

The focus of tonight’s game was clearly Tuukka Rask.  Even if NBCSN was getting wet talking about his Olympic performance, he deserved it and more tonight.  It’s hard to go for narratives like this, but you have to wonder what would have happened to the psyche of both teams if Rask had let in a goal or 2 in the first period, which would’ve been totally understandable.  The game could’ve gone very differently.

Speaking of NBCSN, this was not their best showing tonight.  I usually love Doc Emrick, but he wasn’t the same without Ezzo.  And Pierre was Pierre, which is to say, not great.  I think I learned how many penalty minutes Brandon Prust had in a specific year of juniors, because I totally cared about that.  I missed Jack Edwards.

Great night.  And it was made better by (Read next blog… REEEVISSS).

PS: The Celtics lost. Reason number 3 for a great night.

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