Broncos Steal Talib, But Pay an Arm and a Leg

So, here’s the terrible news: The Broncos have signed Aqib Talib to a 6 year, $57 million deal with $26 guaranteed.  You might notice that it’s the same total amount that Asante Samuel signed for in 2008.  Talib was expected by some to get just about $20 million total for about 3 years, and now he just got an absolute ton.  The Broncos are also closing in on Demarcus Ware, who is a huge question mark at this point.  I don’t mean that with a bad connotation.  I honestly don’t know whether he’ll be barely anybody or a huge asset.

Yeah, so this news sucks, but but we can’t be too surprised that the Pats didn’t meet it.  In fact, I’d be shocked if they did.  The Broncos have about $10 more than the Pats in cap space (about $25M to 15M, unless Wilfork restructures), and if they were going to offer that, then the Pats can’t resign.  Read Alec Shane’s post on how the Pats work.

That being said, it’s still a big blow, and the Pats truly do have to boost the secondary.  Many on Twitter right now are saying “Revis or bust,” and I’d love Revis as much as anyone would, but, again, BB won’t go over the price that he has set for a guy.  They could still get someone like Tarell Brown, Tracy Porter (skeptical of that one, though), Dominique Roders-Cromartie, or someone high in the draft.

And what’s with this idea that the Pats only need a cornerback?  Lies.  Even with injuries, the Pats need a lot of things on defense.  Belichick definitely should not have given Aqib Talib that kind of money if he can actually spread it around to improve both the front 7 AND the secondary.  Yes, the Patriots need a number 1 cornerback, especially if Alfonzo Dennard gets arrested for the 87th time before Week 1.  No, singing Talib would not have made them a top defense.  Let’s wait to see how BB spreads the money around.

So yeah, I’m praying for Revis to get cut after the Bucs can’t trade him and then take a small deal with the Pats in order to boost his value for next year.  And I’ll be kind of mad if BB doesn’t focus heavily on the draft this year.  But no, I’m not mad at him for not signing Aqib Talib for 6 years and $57 million with $26M guaranteed, and anyone who does is an idiot.

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