Bruins Wrap Up of Past Few Days

Sorry for the lack of recent blog posts.  Life got in the way, but I’m going to make up for it with a goal of about 2 per day this week.  Also, there are gonna be some new additions to the site.  I guess you can say that I have been about as busy writing blog posts in the past week as Peter Chiarelli was at the trade deadline when he only came away with Andrej Meszaros…

Actually, that’s not fair.  Read Fluto Shinzawa’s post from this past week if you haven’t yet.  It shows that Chiarelli was going hard after Alex Edler of the hated Canucks, which would have been a huge pickup for the B’s.  No word on how the salary would’ve worked, because they only would’ve had about $3.5 million available after getting Meszaros.  They probably would have dealt Bartkowski, opening up $650k, and then, I don’t know what they would’ve done after that, to be honest.  Maybe Hamilton would’ve been the guy instead of Bartkowski, but man, I hope not.

In other news, and probably more important news, the Bruins have now won 5 in a row, which is kind of a big deal.  Three of the wins came against possible playoff teams (we’re including the Capitals), and the B’s finished their season series against the Lightning by winning all 4 games.  That could loom large if they play the Bolts in the playoffs.

Speaking of playoff seeding, the B’s are now in 1st place, technically, but the Pens have a game in hand while being 1 point down.  They play the Caps tomorrow night in Washington, and I’ll have never rooted harder for Ovechkin and co.  Since it’s not a Bruins game but it’s damn good hockey, I’ll be live tweeting the shit out of this game, as will about a million other B’s fans.

I also have 2 reasons to feel like an idiot this week:

1) The B’s traded for a guy that I didn’t list at all on my trade deadline possible additions post.  I still think Ron Hainsey would’ve been better, but I’ve since realized that he was apparently the “bad cop” for the players’ union during the last CBA negotiations.  And the Bruins owner is Jeremy Jacobs.  Possible coincidence there.

2) I’m going to shut up for a little while about putting Loui back on the 2nd line.  He and Soderberg are playing amazingly well together, and the “Swedish chemistry” that everyone was talking about actually does seem to have some bearing on them playing together.  It’s still too bad that we won’t get to see Reilly and Soda together at even strength for at least awhile, as they are still damn good on the power play together.  The best possible Bruins 3rd line would be Soda at C, Smiddy at LW, and Loui at RW, but that’s not gonna happen, because the B’s kinda sorta need a 2RW, and that can’t be Chris Kelly.  It is too bad, thought, that Reilly has gone cold at exactly the same time that Loui and Soderberg are going off together, because only 1 of the combinations is clicking, and the switch can’t be made.  At this point, though, I’m not sure I want it to be made.  Remember, if Soderberg can play well defensively, then he, Kelly, and Eriksson is also a damn good defensive line.

On a completely side note, let’s all be thankful that the Blackhawks didn’t get Ryan Kesler.  There were no rumors that I heard about that happening, but the though scared me so much that I had to give it thought.  The Blackhawks could’ve given the young center and young defenseman that the Canucks wanted in Marcus Kruger (or Andrew Shaw) and Nick Leddy, or maybe either Brandon Saad or their new Finnish prospect who’s coming over who went off in the World Juniors last year.  The Hawks literally have one weak spot on a loaded team, and it’s 2C, with Michal “I was scratched by the contending Sharks multiple times only a few months before playing with Patrick Kane in the Finals in 2013” Handzus is just not that good, and Kesler-Versteeg-Kane as a second line would’ve been just lethal.  I’m saying this because I think that the Bruins are the favorites in the East to get to the Cup, but the thought of a rematch of the Blackhawks with Kris Versteeg and RYAN FUCKING KESLER scared me almost to death.   Remember, Kane and Kesler have been awesome together at the Olympics in 2010 and 2014. The rest of the league dodged a bullet.

Here’s some bad news: Daniel Paille is injured.  It looks to be a concussion, but, even though concussions are as unpredictable as a chick ranting about 47 different things at once, it should be noted that he was sitting on the bench and talking for awhile before going to the locker room.  It’s probably a concussion, although it could be a different upper body injury, but the good news is that it doesn’t look to be a huge one, especially because he doesn’t have a huge head injury history.  Hopefully they call up Ryan Spooner, see what he can do on the wing with Soderberg and Eriksson — that line just seems awesome offensively — and put Kelly on the 4th line.  I hope they use this combo as a trial to see how well he plays with them and how well Kelly plays with Campbell, so that they might just get the idea to make a bottom 6 of Soderberg-Spooner-Eriksson and Campbell-Paille-Kelly.

Ah, who am I kidding? They’re gonna give Jordan Caron a few games at 4LW. Dammit.

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