Celtics Come up with a Huge Loss

The Celtics have been a fantanker’s dream recently.  They literally just lost their last 3 games to the 3 teams that are just ahead of them in the standings.  Huge losses.  Utah, Sacramento, and Kobe’s bitches are all now within 2 games ahead of the C’s, and it they all woulda been at least 2 games behind the Green if Stevens and Co. had been dumb enough to win all of their last 3 games against definitely beatable opponents.  The Kings are actually not terrible, with just a point differential of -1.9.  That’s bad, but not horrible, so the Celtics “should have” lost to them anyway.  But Utah and LA are both worse than -5.  The Celtics are just -3.9, but that wasn’t gonna stop the tanking.  Love it.

Even with that, Jeff Green has put up 71 in his last 3 games, and Rondo had double digit assists in the LA and Utah games (He didn’t play in the Sac one).  The core of the team is still improving their value for when they’re either traded or the core of a hopefully OK team next year.

Celtics still have 24 games, and I’m a little worried that Rondo will knock off just enough rust to start banking some wins.  Still got the 76ers twice, but it’s not like the C’s will catch them after their pathetic but awesome absolute gutting of the roster.  That probably means 2 C’s wins right there, and each one could really hurt.  Let’s hope that the Lakers are dumb enough to wanna win.

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