Backstrom Situation Thoughts

As you probably know, Nicklas Backstrom had to withdraw from the Gold Medal game against Canada because he tested positive for something that’s banned.  It seems pretty clear that it came from an allergy medication, and the Washington Capitals and Bill Daly, the NHL’s deputy commissioner, also accept that.  The Swedish hockey GM said, “Our opinion is IOC destroyed one of greatest hockey days in Swedish history.”

And I think he’s right.  The IOC has gotta improve upon their testing protocols in general.  It has to be noted that 6 players have been busted in the Sochi Olympics, and 5 of them were busted for stuff that’s either found in food or normal medication.  That’s a problem.  I’m all for greater testing, and I, like many, have actually held the Olympics as a standard for how all sports leagues should test.  But this isn’t right.  No shit the guy has to take allergy medication, because I’m pretty sure it’s necessary.  Everyone admits that whatever the substance was in the medication can’t be used as a PED, so there is no reason to bust a guy like Backstrom.  Also, he apparently tested positive in connection with the Slovenia game, and that was TWO GAMES AGO.  Gotta feel for Backstrom.  Never should’ve happened, and the IOC has to address their testing protocol.

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