Isn’t it great to beat the Canucks in Boston?  Even better when Roberto Luongo doesn’t play well.

Sure, it wasn’t at the same level as Games 3, 4, 6, or 7 of the Cup Finals, but it was far from good.  And Tuukka was awesome.  And Boychuk put the bitches from Vancouver in their places.

There’s a lot to look at, like how Soderberg keeps playing well at center or the first line keeps clicking.  But what’s actually more interesting is how we look at the Bruins, and the NHL, headed into the Winter Break.

First of all, I wouldn’t be shocked if Chiarelli and Neely high fived each other when Chara asked to carry the torch for Slovakia.  That’s two games he doesn’t have to play, and, with no Seidenberg, they’re gonna need heavy minutes from him later in the season.  We all need to root actively against Slovakia in the tournament, by the way.

So the B’s are gonna face the tough Blues offense with no Chara, so this game might no go so well.  I also wouldn’t mind if the Bruins said “screw it” and put in Chad Johnson, because Tuukka is about to play a few more games over the next few weeks, also.  We should also probably root against Finland pretty hard, especially once they get beyond the prelims, because I don’t see a scenario in which they don’t make it that far.  Two teams in their group are Austria and Norway, which more than make up for Canada being in their group.  But, as for the Bruins this week, Tuukka should only play one of the next two, max.  I would have no problem with them sitting him for both, but he’d probably want a tune up before the Olympics, so they should sit him Thursday and play him Saturday in a sendoff.  No Chara or Rask against the St. Louis Blues?  Not worried.
On a serious note, let’s hope and pray for the athletes over in Sochi, not just the Americans or those on the Bruins.  This could be a serious situation, and let’s hope that Vladamir Putin realizes just how big of a hole he’ll be putting in his own foot if he can’t get Russia’s shit together.

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