Celtics Welcome Back Pierce and Garnett

Due to depression from the Pats and life just getting in the way, the posts have been few and far between in the past week or so.  And by that I mean there have been none. My b, won’t happen again.

As for the Celtics homecoming, I was lucky enough to be at the game, and holy shit was it amazing.  The fact that tears didn’t break from my eyes themselves was a miracle.  I definitely teared up, but you know how sometimes you’re barely able to keep the liquid itself in your eyes?  That’s what was happening.  This was some emotional stuff. Those guys are legends.

The montages that the Celtics did for Pierce and KG were amazing, too.  They nailed it, and you gotta give it to the Brooklyn Nets for not trying to even talk over the videos in the huddle.  They do realize that Pierce and KG are just rentals for them, and they they really belong to us.  (KG might actually belong to Minnesota, but fuck it. He left because of how bad the franchise was being run.)  I loved seeing KG after the first timeout and then Pierce after the first quarter completely isolated on the Nets bench so that we could just focus on them.  All around brilliant.

As for the actual game… it sucked.  It is literally impossible to really enjoy watching your team in person when you want them to lose.  Sure, it’s nice to see Rondo back and Brad Stevens being one hell of a rookie coach, but it still sucks.  Thank God KG was the one to ice it, or there may have been nothing memorable from the actual game.  At least it was another competitive loss for the Celtics — that’s what we’re looking for.

Thanks again for everything, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.  Forever Celtics.

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