Crawford Trade: No Real Downside

I sincerely hope that no one is lamenting the loss of Jordan Crawford.  Sure, he played better than expected for the C’s this year, and maybe, just maybe, he could play a small role for a contender.

But he’s still Jordan Crawford, the guy who takes too many shots and simply isn’t much more than a possible backup point guard.  And the Celtics aren’t going to win the title this year or next.  This would be like the Bruins trading Adam McQuaid for draft picks in a year that they weren’t going to win, or the Patriots trading an aging backup QB during a rebuilding process.  He’s not worth much, and, if he helps the team win any games this year, then it’s best to get rid of him both for the draft picks that he’ll bring in a trade and the better first rounder they’ll get after the season.

The real negative of the trade is having to pay Joel Anthony $3.8 million next year, assuming he picks up his option.  He sucks, so he’ll pick up the option.  The best bet for the C’s is do whatever they can to buy his contract next year out at a reduced price.  If Anthony believes that he can still earn the veteran minimum of $1.1 mil this year after being bought out or over the summer, he might agree to a buyout of next year’s salary of about $2.5-$2.75 million.  Considering he has literally no value to the Celtics, why not try to get that million-plus back?

Pay somewhere between 2 and 3.8 million bucks in a year when they probably won’t need every penny of cap space anyway, give up an OK backup guard, and collect either a first and a second rounder or three seconds?  Not a huge move, but nicely done, Danny Ainge.

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