Bruins (Hopefully) Back on Track

Bruins outshoot the Stars 41-33, go 5-6 on the PK with the lone goal coming from a guy who didn’t even know that the puck had hit his stick, and 1-4 on the PP.  Most importantly, they win 4-2 (with an empty netter), and show Peverley and Seguin who’s boss.

I’m very skeptical of how much a single win can boost any intangible or narrative surrounding a team, and that’s definitely true for confidence.  After all, these guys are professional athletes, and they already have the kind of mindsets that are necessary for them to get to that point.  And it’s the kind of team that has gone to two Cup Finals in three years, so I don’t think that a January slump would rattle the Bruins.

That being said, there probably was a little bit of a psychological boost from this win.  Their backup goalie finally had a great game, stopping 31 of 33.  As mentioned before, 1 of the 2 he missed was a BS, flukey goal.  The Merlot Line, especially Paille and Campbell, were probably the best players on the ice relative to what their expectations are on a nightly basis.  The Bruins had about 687 scoring chances on the PK, none of which went in, unfortunately.  But their PK was probably almost as threatening offensively as the Dallas PP, except for that dumb goal.  Marchand and Bergeron also played great, as they each scored, including Bergeron’s #daggerintheheart (Copyright Jack Edwards) empty netter.  Krejci and Lucic also scored on goals that either guy assisted on.

Now comes the rematch with the Blackhawks, and Tuukka will have had four days of rest in between games.  Couldn’t have asked for a much better game Thursday night.

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