Maple Leafs win a Typical Maple Leafs Game.

If I told you before the Bruins-Leafs game that the B’s wold outshoot the Leafs 41-26, have a slight advantage (37-34) in the faceoff circle, and have Tuukka Rask starting in net, you and I woul dboth assume that the Bruins’ performance against the Leafs was something between a beating and a throttling.

Nope, because the Maple Leafs won in the only way that the Maple Leafs seem to win.  They get bailed out by really good netminding (copyright Doc Emrick) and 2 power play goals.

Also, Tuukka had another bad game, meaning that, in his past 7, he’s had 5 terrible games and 2 awesome ones.  That’s weird, but, considering he’s Tuukka, he should be fine in the long run…

So long as Claude gives him from freaking rest.  The league leaders in games started for goalies this year is Antti Niemi at a ridiculous 41, Marc-Andre Fleury and Mike Smith at 38, and Tuukka and CAAAARRRR-RRRREEEYYY at 37.  And the Bruins have played one fewer game than both MTL and SJS… and, oh yeah… Tuukka is going to be the starting goalie for Team Finland in the Olympics… and, oh yeah again… this is his first full season as the starting goalie!

Claude has gotta rest Tuukka.  It doesn’t matter if the Chad Johnson backing up Tuukka is actually the wide receiver who goes by OchoCinco, they have to rest him a little more.  He’s on pace for about 67-68 regular season starts, a few more for Team Finland, depending on how they break down their goaltending in the Qualifying Round, and 20+ starts in the playoffs, assuming the Bruins go as far as we want them to.  We could be looking at 95-100 starts from October to June.  Slow him down.

Tuukka should start Sunday in the matinee against the Blackhawks that few people will watch because they’re busy taking heart medication to get through the AFC Championship game 2.5 hours later.  But he can’t start against the Seguins (Dallas Stars) Thursday night.

And screw Toronto.  Hockey sucks sometimes.


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