Pats Tonight: Get Hyped

I’ll look like an ass if I’m wrong, but, the more I think about it, the more I think we’re headed for a 10-20 point Pats victory tonight, along the lines of the divisional game vs. the Texans last year.  There’s a ton of analysis out there, so I won’t try to copy any of it, but here are two points that I think that a lot of people are missing, and they both involve the teams’ secondaries.

First, remember how the Pats secondary has gotten shit on the past few years (with reason)?  Yeah, well, two guys that Belichick cut from those teams, Darius Butler and Sergio Brown, are playing heavy roles tonight.

And Secondly, Belichick is a beast when it comes to shutting down the number one option for an opposing team, especially if it’s a WR (Fine, this one has been talked about a lot this week… still maybe not enough though).  If Reggie Wayne was healthy, this game would be entirely different.  But I don’t see TY Hilton having a big game tonight, and I don’t trust Trent “first round pick” Richardson, who might not even play, or Donald Brown to tear up the Pats defense.  For all the “Andrew Luck is on fire” or “Andrew Luck is clutch” talk, let’s remember that he still threw three picks last week.

Literally anything can happen in a single elimination tournament.  But I’m not as worried as one might think. Go Pats.

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