Rondo to Knicks is the Biggest Joke of all time

Different people have different opinions on Danny Ainge. (The truth is he’s well above average, at least now, but whatever.) Here’s one thing we know: He’s not downright stupid. Even his biggest haters would admit that he would never trade Rondo to the Knicks for whatever they can offer.

For this year, the Knicks can offer an amazing package of Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Jr…. and really nothing else.  They can’t offer draft picks in 2015 or 2017, because they’ve already given up their picks in 2014 and 2016, as the Stepian rule prohibits trading first rounders in consecutive drafts (the definition of the league having to save some idiot teams from themselves).  The Knicks don’t even have a sizable expiring contract to put into the trade with Shumpert and Hardaway in order to make the money work.

After this year, there are two scenarios: The first is that Carmelo opts out after this year and signs elsewhere, and, in that case, there’s no reason that Rondo would want to play there. No real need to analyze this.

If Carmelo opts back in and makes a run with the Knicks for one more year, and if the Knicks are still demanding that Rondo should demand something that will never happen, it’s important to remember that the Knicks will have the same shitty cap situation as this year.  At least Amare’s contract will be expiring, but, even if the Celtics saw that deal as a way to dump Gerald Wallace, it’s still not nearly enough.  Rondo is an easy All Star at his best, and he can’t be traded for Shumpert, Hardaway, and about $10 million in cap space a year early.  The Knicks could try to trade Amare’s expiring contract for some nice pieces that they could pass onto the Celtics, but HAHAHAHAHAHA NO.

That’s what happens when your team is owned by James Dolan. It sucks.

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