NBA Wheel Idea: Won’t work how it’s been proposed

On Grantland this week, Zach Lowe, an awesome basketball writer, wrote about how the league has been considering a lottery wheel, which would… well, you can read for yourself below. Lowe explains it the best.

Here’s the problem.  There is no way that the NBA will do anything that would guarantee them to only have 30 teams for the next 30 years.  Lowe does say that the system has accounted for possible changes in the number of teams but that the details are too boring for his quick explanation. That’s fine, but the caveat for expansion better be a big one.  The wheel couldn’t even go into effect for a few years, until every trade that involves future draft picks has been completed… and the NBA probably won’t be just 30 teams even by that date.

I need to see more details, but I’m skeptical.

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